Classic Christian Science - Questions and Answers

“The divine Science taught in the original language of the Bible came through inspiration, and needs inspiration to be understood.  S&H 319:21


20th and 21st Century Biographers

There are a couple 20th and 21st Century biographers who have written books about Mrs. Eddy who have taken it upon themselves to assume in their biographies that they know what Mrs. Eddy was thinking when they were going through Mrs. Eddy’s private notes. The Christian Science Manual states that Mrs. Eddy “private correspondence” is to remain private. As a writer I would not like someone in my personal notes or correspondence. My personal letters and correspondence are kept so that if someone was to question a piece of my writing I then have the documentation to show in a court of law. Mrs. Eddy was challenged about who wrote her writings and she had the documentation for the court to see. Although these modern day biographers books have some good quotes from the notes, you need to look at the books kind of like fiction. In writing biographies in this day and age, the books are considered a “creative non-fiction” genre so you need to sift through what part is the author’s 21st Century slant and actual facts. Also in writing this type of genre the author needs to take into consideration eyewitnesses like family and friends. The Christian Science bound volumes (past Christian Science Journal and Sentinel magazine) found in Reading Rooms are a wealth of inspiring articles on healing over the years. Many of the workers In Mrs. Eddy’s home wrote articles for the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel. 

Who are the “Early Workers”?

The “Early Workers” are the practitioners who were Mrs. Eddy’s students. These early workers proved in their lives what they had learned in how to heal with the comforter. These practitioners established their own practice in their town and lived what God is. They dedicated their lives to God and Christian Science because each of them were healed in their own lives. These early workers are the testimonies to God’s love for each of us. It is up to each of us to carry out to the world God’s love. We the workers of today are proving in our lives that God’s word is power and Principle that heals. 

Why is history important?

Mrs. Eddy states that “Christian Science and Christian Scientist will, must have a history.” (Misc. 106:3) History is the story of individual lives throughout time. We learn from history. The Bible is a historical book of how God heals. The Word of God, the language of spirit is just as powerful to heal today as it was in Christ Jesus time. Mrs. Eddy explained how Christ Jesus healed and taught. She explained how to heal with the Bible and S&H explaining the Science of the Christ.  In studying, look at each word because as stated in the Bible  “the word is God”, the language of Spirit. Look for patterns, such as Man's struggle to be free from an oppressor, whether it's Jews in Egypt or an oppressed diseased body. Most important part of history is healing. Paul puts it this way “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2: 20, 26)  Partial List of Healings by Mary Baker Eddy.pdf.

History is not a collection of dates and names. It's a story of who we are as God’s children. History in Christian Science is important because it tells us where we have been and where we’re going in our healing work. The old articles in the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel are just as relevant today as they were in Mrs. Eddy’s time.  History of Christian Science is throughout every book that Mrs. Eddy wrote because she used the Bible - The King James Bible. Mrs. Eddy made history and it is important to understand her in history, that is  her place in prophecy. In John 14:26 Christ Jesus prophesied, “But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” Mrs. Eddy states in S&H 55:27-28, “In the words of St. John: He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever. This Comforter I understand to be Divine Science.”

Our modern day history of healing can be found in the bound volumes in any Reading Room. The Bound Volumes of the Christian Science Sentinel and Journal are gems to our healing work today. The history of healing proves God great love for man.

Again, this may sound like a worn out phrase but history teaches us what to say “no” to and what to say “yes” to in our healing work.  History in Christian Science explains why certain things are done in the Christian Science church service and why healing is a big part of Christian Science and why healing is as possible today as it was in ancient times.

Mary Baker Eddy and the Daniel Dates

Prophecy was fulfilled by Mrs. Eddy. Mrs. Eddy states in her book Miscellany 181:2, “It is authentically said that one expositor of Daniel’s dates fixed the year 1866 or 1867 of the return of Christ - the return of the spiritual idea to the material earth or antipode of heaven. it is a marked coincidence that those  dates were the first two years of my discovery of Christian Science.”  Below are the Daniel verses from the Bible and the Commentary from the Cottage Bible.

Daniel 7:25 -  “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

Commentary from The Cottage Bible, 1849, re Daniel  7

Ver. 25. Speak great words.- {In assuming infallibility, professing to forgive sins, and to open and shut heaven, thundering out bulls and anathemas, excommunicating princes, absolving subjects from their allegiance, and exacting  obedience to his decrees in open violation of reason and Scripture.} - B- Wear out the saints. - That is, with exactions and oppressions. - Until a time (i.e. a year,) times (two years), and the dividing of time the (that is, half a year) - Making in the whole three prophet years and a half. {Or, reckoning 30 days to a month, 1260 day, equal to the same number of years in prophetic language; which, dated from the decree of Phocas constituting him the supreme head of the church, A.D. 606, will terminate 1866.} Bagster. See chap. xii 7.

Daniel 12: 9-13And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days, Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.”

Commentary from The Cottage Bible, 1849 re Daniel 12

Ver. 11. And the abomination. - {Probably Mohammedanism, which sprang up in power the same year as the papal, A.D. 606; and 1290 years from that time will be A.D. 1896, and 1335 years, A.D. 1941.} - Bagster. - One thousand two hundred and ninety days. - This again is the same period, differently expressed; for three years and a half, of 360 days each, make just 1260 days. As the prophecies of these two last chapters refer chiefly to Eastern empire, while the little horn, chap. vii. refers evidently to the west, commentators have distinguished between the east and western Antichrist, referring the former to Mahomet, and the latter to the Pope, both having arisen about the same time; that is, the western Antichrist assumed his temporal authority, which made him a prophetic beast, in 606, and Mahomet, according to Prideaux, in the same year began the forgery of his Koran. If we date 1260 years from this period (as does Bp. Newton and most modern commentators,) it will bring us to A.D. 1866, toward the close of the present century, by which time many expect, and more hope, that both Popery and Mahometanism will be overthrown.

In The Concordance to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and Mrs. Eddy’s Other Writings look up the words “Eddy”, “One” and the word “I” to find out more about Mrs. Eddy’s prophetic place in history. Also read in the book “Mary Baker Eddy: A Centennial Appreciation, pp.1-4 what Julia Michael Johnston says about Mrs. Eddy. This book is reprints from the Christian Science Journal. Check out the Reading Room where you can find the Christian Science Journals bound from the time of Mrs. Eddy. Ezra W. Reid wrote and article in the 1897 October Journal titled “The Second Coming of Christ”. There are many more. Just look them up in the Reading Room.

Do Christian Scientist worship Mrs. Eddy?

Does personality heal? No. God is the reason you are here on this web site not because of person. You want to keep mortal personality out of your talking and listening to God which is the reason photos of me will not be used on this website. This is the same reason that Mrs. Eddy ordained S&H and the King James Bible the pastors of the church. She learned that personality didn’t further the church or any student. Personality does not heal. Mrs. Eddy has a lot to say about “personality”. She did not like her personality to be worshiped. Look up in The Concordance to Science and Health... the word “personality”.  Mrs. Eddy states in S&H 40:25 “Our heavenly Father, divine Love, demands that all men should follow the example of our Master and his apostles and not merely worship his personality. It is sad that the phrase divine service has come so generally to mean public worship instead of daily deeds.”

Who is leader of the Christian Science church?

Mrs. Eddy is the forever leader, discoverer, and founder. We are a church of “Lay” people meaning that we are “all” students of Christian Science. No person should dominate another person. In the We Knew Mary Baker Eddy series book three, Calvin Hill said this in an interview with Mrs. Eddy when she asked who his teacher was, “Well, Mrs. - Mother*, I replied, “I believe I shall have to call you my teacher. I have been studying your book, Science and Health, and your other writings for the past four years, and if what is said to me by one of your own students or by one of your students’ student is not backed up or verified by your writings, I take not stock in his statements, none whatever!” Mrs. Eddy stepped forward, placed her hand on my shoulder and patted it gently, saying, “My child, my child, my child, you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe!” Mrs. Eddy had the opportunity at that point to correct him about who to look to or in Bible terms, who to “turn to”. Always go back to your books, look up statements made by other people and read for yourself to get clarification. Mrs. Eddy’s writings are the ultimate source for answers because they take you back to the Bible and in turn back to God. Calvin Hill goes on to say, “As I saw then and as I understand it more fully now, Mrs. Eddy meant that one is safe as long as he depends solely on Divine Principle as revealed in her writings.”

Who is the Pastor of the C.S. Church?

The Pastor of the Christian Science Church is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and The King James Bible. These books are read from every Sunday and Wednesday. In Miscellaneous Writings, an article “Church and School”  written by Mrs. Eddy says, “Humbly, and, as I believe, divinely directed, I hereby ordain the Bible, and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," to be hereafter the only pastor of The Church of Christ, Scientist, throughout our land and in other lands.” (Misc 313:25) Read this article because it give direction as to how to view the service and conduct the service.

At first Mrs. Eddy had preachers like all churches but then personality took over and preachers started preaching from the standpoint of their personality and worship so Mrs. Eddy wrote the by-law that the only preachers in a Christian Science church would be The King James Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She did not like personality worship because she did not like her own personality to be worshiped. She ordained Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and The King James Bible as the only pastors. You will find in the Christian Science Manual that she only says “The Bible”. Mrs. Eddy knew that the Bible used in Germany was not the Kings James Bible so she did not specifically state in the C.S. Manual the King James Bible. But by all her writings and using over a thousand passages from the King James Bible, logic dictates the KIng James Bible is the Bible to be used as the Pastor. 

Why should I want to be read to in Church?

What’s important to you human opinion coming from personality or God’s Word that heals? Reading straight from the books allows for no mistakes or human personality and maintains the purity of the Christ Science. Mrs. Eddy states, “God is Spirit; therefore the language of Spirit must be, and is, spiritual. Christian Science attaches no physical nature and significance to the Supreme Being or His manifestation; mortals alone do this. God's essential language is spoken of in the last chapter of Mark's Gospel as the new tongue, the spiritual meaning of which is attained through "signs following." Ear hath not heard, nor hath lip spoken, the pure language of Spirit. Our Master taught spirituality by similitudes and parables. As a divine student he unfolded God to man, illustrating and demonstrating Life and Truth in himself and by his power over the sick and sinning. Human theories are inadequate to interpret the divine Principle involved in the miracles (marvels) wrought by Jesus and especially in his mighty, crowning, unparalleled, and triumphant exit from the flesh. Evidence drawn from the five physical senses relates solely to human reason; and because of opacity to the true light, human reason dimly reflects and feebly transmits Jesus' works and words. Truth is a revelation.” (S&H 117:6-28)  Read page S&H 114:10-118:12.

Lesson Sermon  - What does it means to study the Lesson Sermon?

One of the unique things about Christian Science is the Lesson Sermon.  The Lesson Sermon can be found in the Christian Science Quarterly and is by divine design meant to heal. The Citation Quarterly can be found in any Christian Science Reading Room for purchase. Christians Scientist who want to remain close to their books mark their books each week in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the King James Bible. Christian Scientists read the same sermon through out the week that is read on Sundays. Why? Because the Christians Science Service comes from each individual’s own inspiration and what they understand about God. This inspiration is the service of healing.  Being a part of church involves healing of any and everything from relationships, feeling anxious over an exam or work problems, maybe some kind of sin, or disease.  God speaks to each of us in way that we can understand. It is up to you to listen and learn more about God. Because God is your very being. The more you understand the more healing will be the result in your life. See more on the Christian Science Lesson Sermon on the “Tools” page.

Why is it important to mark my books?

Each week serious Christian Scientist enjoy getting to know their books by marking their Lesson Sermon for the week. This means that to mark your book you need markers for the particular size of books you have, chalk and chalk holder plus an eraser. In staying close to your books you will learn the different books of the Bible as you mark and the different chapters in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. As you read the Lesson Sermon you can read more than just the citations but you can read around the citation to get a clearer view of why this citation was chosen, who is speaking and was this a person in the Old or New Testament. The New Testament is filled with verses from the Old Testament. It’s important to understand this so that there is no confusion. You see this only if you are reading straight from your books.

Why should I mark my books when a full text Quarterly is more convenient?

In marking your book you have the complete and final revelation before you as you read. Mrs. Eddy states, “No copies from my books are allowed to be written, and read from manuscripts, either in private or in public assemblies, except by their author.” (Misc. 315:6) You want to be obedient because you will be blessed. The books will answer questions as you read. For example, recently a person reading the lesson from the full text Quarterly could never figure out why there weren’t balloons and a band when Jesus came out of the grave. If that person had been reading from their Bible the next verse tells exactly why. Getting to know your books is a very important part of knowing about God. The answers to every problem is already there in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scripture (MBE). Just being able  to turn to your books when needed is important. Also, in marking your books you contribute to not wasting paper having to buy a full text quarterly each month or printing the lesson from the computer. When you buy your complete set of books (S&H - King James Bible) you don’t have to replace batteries, use electricity or upgrade. Although these are conveniences nothing takes the place of marking your books and getting close to your books. Reusing your books and marking your books is practical. Getting close to your books is getting close to God. Again understanding God and your relationship will result in healing of any problem. Just reading the Lesson Sermon for the week doesn’t mean you have “studied” the lesson. Studying the Lesson involves reading citation around the marked part of the lesson, looking up words you don’t understand, maybe writing out an outline to get the completeness of the Lesson. And listening to God because he dearly wants you to understand the qualities and attributes of yourself as image and his deep love for you as his child.

Why not read Science and Health from an eBook like Kindal?

Again you don’t have to recharge a hard bound book, use electricity or deal with the bugs of new technology. You need the full and final revelation where you will get your answers quickly. A book can be opened again and again with out electricity. Also in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal The ABC’s Of E-Reading talks about that at the moment the page numbers on these E-Readers is not there.  “Page numbers are a problem for e-books, since the number of words on a virtual page depends on the size of the screen and type. Pages may be antiquated, but they’re very helpful for making sure reading-club participants or student in a classroom are all on the same page.”

When are church services?

Christians Science church services are held on Sundays and Wednesday’s. Services have no loud music, no personality worship or sensuality worship. Each service is through inspiration of the Readers and listening to God. Scripture is read along with the quiet simple Truth of Science and Health with Key to the Scripture by Mary Baker Eddy.

Do church services include wedding and funerals.?

No. These are considered worldly. There are legal services outside the church for these “traditional ceremonies”.  Why? Let’s look at the definition of church in the S&H Glossary on page 583.  Does it say anything about “traditional ceremonies”? The C.S. Church Manual makes no provision in the list of services for such “traditional ceremonies”.

“Church. The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.

The Church is that institution, which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the dormant understanding from material belief to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and healing the sick.” (S&H 583:12-19)

Should the Journal and Sentinel be in the Sanctuary of the church?

No. There is nothing in the C.S. Manual that states the Journal and Sentinel are to be part of the service although they are considered organs of the church. The Christian Science Journal and Sentinel are to be out in the community. Many times I’ll see people reading from one of the magazines while the service is going on. Even reading from the full text Quarterlies is disobedient to Mrs. Eddy statement, “No copies from my books are allowed to be written, and read from manuscripts, either in private or in public assemblies, except by their author.” (Misc. 315:6). You are expected to listen to God. Mrs. Eddy would not let her students take notes when she was teaching them. She expected the student to listen with inspiration expecting good with their thinking centered on God.

Every aspect of the Christians Science service is with the respect to healing. It is good to get to church early to calm your thought of the days activities. Read the hymns for the service. Pray for the unfolding of what God want’s you to understand. Wednesday night is testimony night, it good to have in thought what you would like to say if so moved to give a testimony of healing. This is one of the ways to contribute to the service. Mrs. Eddy states in the C.S. Manual, “The prayers in Christian Science churches shall be offered for the congregations collectively and exclusively.” (C.S. Manual 42:1) I love the simplicity of the Christian Science service Mrs. Eddy was so divinely lead to design. I like being able to participate in all aspect of the service. Some parts of the service like in the formal sense of the word “Reader” means you need to be a member of the church but to give a testimony means that you can participate whether a member or not and that you used an inspired citation(s) from the Bible or S&H. You are living the Christ. You are not combing the medical with the metaphysical. Using the medical is not healing in Christian Science.

Should music in church be nightclub music with guitars and drums or Broadway show tunes?

The hymns are to be hymns of healing. If you can’t understand the hymn does this promote healing? No. Or maybe a show tune hymn is being used. Does this promote healing? No. Or maybe a singer’s album is being promoted. Is this healing? No in all these cases. Mrs. Eddy says in the Manual (61:8) “The music in The Mother Church shall not be operatic, but of an appropriate religious character and of a recognized standard of musical excellence; it shall be played in a dignified and suitable manner”. The service including the hymns should lead thought to God. Show tunes and pop music lead thought to the show or to some aspect of pop culture. There should be a healing message in both the music and the words.  Promoting personality worship of singers or song writers in a church service is not Christian Science. The C.S. Manual is very clear about the type of music and musical instruments to be used in the service. Healing is the ultimate goal. Not entertainment where it leads your thought to personality, sensualism, or emotionalism. Every aspect of the church service is for healing, inspiration and understanding. Many people have been healed by the words of a hymn, the language of spirit. You want a quiet atmosphere to hear God and in this quiet is where you hear God.

What if I want to progress in Christian Science? 

Mrs. Eddy explains in S&H about progressing in C.S. on page S&H 495: 25, “Study thoroughly the letter and imbibe the spirit. Adhere to the divine Principle of Christian Science and follow the behests of God, abiding steadfastly in wisdom, Truth, and Love.”

Do I need to be a member of the church to be healed? No. But if you are a member of another church and want to advance in your healing work in Christian Science then you will want to dissolve your membership with that church and become a member of a Christian Science church. By that it is meant that you cannot advance if the teachings of another denomination are the opposite of what you are learning in Christian Science. Christian Science is Christian Science and it doesn’t make you better in your own religion. Nowhere does Mrs. Eddy state that the Science of the Christ will make you better at your own religion. You will need to make a choice. You can’t have both.

You will need to read the Christian Science Church Manual.

What is a Practitioner?

A Practitioner is a Class taught Christian Scientist who is in the public practice of healing through prayer. The Practitioner that is in the full time practice of Christian Science is paid. These Practitioners can be called any time. A list of Practitioners can be found in the Journal. Listen to God in choosing a Practitioner. Remember God is everywhere filling all space so God can heal anywhere, anytime, in any place.

Why should I pay a Practitioner because they are doing God’s work?

Go back to what the Bibles says, “A workman is worthy of his hire.” (Luke 10:7)  Read the complete page beginning on page 215:23 in Miscellany which starts with, ”When the great Master first sent forth his students, he bade them take no scrip for their journey, saying, "The laborer is worthy of his hire."  Let’s look at this scenario. If you were in pain would you like to wait till the practitioner was through with his day job before you get relief from pain. No. You would like to talk to the Practitioner as soon as possible. So then why would you not want a practitioner to be able to pay his own bills? A Practitioner is expected to pay their bills in a timely manner.  Also paying a practitioner is being grateful for the help received.

Here’s Mrs. Eddy’s answer about paying a practitioner from her writing in Rudimental Divine Science page 23.

“What are the means and methods of trustworthy Christian Scientists?

These people should not be expected, more than others, to give all their time to Christian Science work, receiving no wages in return, but left to be fed, clothed, and sheltered by charity. Neither can they serve two masters, giving only a portion of their time to God, and still be Christian Scientists. They must give Him all their services, and "owe no man." To do this, they must at present ask a suitable price for their services, and then conscientiously earn their wages, strictly practicing Divine Science, and healing the sick.”

How do I find a Christian Science teacher when I’m ready for Class Instruction?

When you are ready for class instruction you are desiring to know more about God. Teachers hold class once a year where they explain more about how to heal as Christ Jesus did.  The teacher that God has chosen for you is like a marriage. They are with you forever. So this is a very serious step. God is very precise and concise. My teacher’s name kept coming to me and I looked it up in the Christian Science Journal. Be aware that there are shyster teachers out there as in any religion. Just because a teacher has a high position in the Church doesn’t make them a good teacher. Christian Science teachers are to teach who Mrs. Eddy is in prophecy. Email me if you have more questions.

What about criticism in church?

Winston Churchill saidCriticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” There is constructive and destructive criticism. Constructive criticism is seeing the problem and healing it. Certainly you don’t ignore pain in the body any more than you ignore someone’s actions that are causing problems for themselves or others. Today there seems to be Christian Scientist who don’t want to face the pain of not attracting new members and so take down standards in church.  They call these “standards”, tradition. They want a quick fix by adding entertainment to the service or bring in bean bag chairs to sit on.  Is this healing? Then they want to be cool and mimic other churches with their “new agey” saying,” I don’t judge, I just love.” These people don’t like the pain of seeing empty pews because they don’t want to face what needs healing. The word “judging” means to “think”. This statement alone could read “I don’t think, I just love”.  Does this statement mean we don’t “train up a child in the way he should go” as the Bible states? Our children are our thoughts. Do we just let our thought run rampant as a young child with no direction. No! God teaches us what is right and wrong. God teaches what to say “no” to and what to say “yes” to. God sets the standard. God sets the standard through the Bible and the teaching of Mrs. Eddy. Standards set in motion are what we are and who we are. If you did not judge, how would you know what needs healing? In Christian Science we don’t ignore problems or destructive criticism. Christian Scientist face the problems down and out of thought by using the many Truths that are found in Mrs. Eddy’s writings and the Bible. You stamp out wrong thinking by replacing it with a Truth and holding to that Truth. Christian Science teaches you how to think out from God. To discipline or train your thinking lovingly - to be every action love.

Do you have standards in Christian Science?

Yes! Standards in Christian Science are to live a loving Christian life proving God’s great love for man. Live the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Standard are set to see the way marks along the way. Some of the first healings people may experience are the falling away of habits for coffee, tea, drink, and smoking. To be free of these vices is a standard set by Mrs. Eddy for church membership. These healings are the more obvious.  Every member in the Christian Science church is working on some kind of healing. So don’t look at a Christian Scientist like they know it all. We are all students in Christian Science working our own salvation out. I had a friend who could not join a church because she had the thought that these members were perfect as mortals and she had high expectations for these mortal members. She would become offended if members did not live up her to her high expectations of them as a mortal or what her five physical senses were saying to her. Again we are all working our salvation out as the immortal idea of God. Joining church will make  you work harder at healing. The goal to be rid of smoking, drinking, tea, or coffee is a good way to begin “seeing” what you can do in the way of healing and then becoming a member of the church.  In a church atmosphere you are still working your salvation out. In church and out of church we must “See the man of God’s creating” which includes women too.

Mrs. Eddy states in Retrospection and Introspection, “I knew the human conception of God to be that He was a physically personal being, like unto man; and that the five physical senses are so many witnesses to the physical personality of mind and the real existence of matter; but I learned that these material senses testify falsely, that matter neither sees, hears, nor feels Spirit, and is therefore inadequate to form any proper conception of the infinite Mind.” (Ret. 25:20)

The Christ, eternal manhood,

As God's own Son beloved,

A tender ever-presence

Within each heart is proved.

O God, our Father-Mother,

Thy name we see expressed

By man, who in Thy Science

Is perfect, holy, blessed.

Christian Science

Hymnal  221:2

Mary Bake Eddy

What books on Mrs. Eddy’s Life should I read?

It’s very important for you to understand who Mrs. Eddy is. So the books that you should read first are eye witness accounts and are listed below.

Retrospection and Introspection is the autobiography by Mrs. Eddy. Can be bought individually or part of the book Prose Works.

We knew Mary Baker Eddy written by the early workers in Mrs. Eddy’s home. These people were an eyewitness to Mrs. Eddy’s healing work. You will find this as one complete book or as a four part series in the Reading Room. Please let me know if you do not find a copy.

Mary Baker Eddy by Sybil Wilbur - Sybil Wilbur’s book is the biography Mrs. Eddy approved.

Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy by Irving Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson, a student of Mrs. Eddy’s and an eyewitness to healings, worked in Mrs. Eddy’s home for twelve years.